Structural Engineering

  • Design and analysis
  • Historic structures
  • Buildings (residential and commercial)
  • Bridges
  • Machinery
  • Elevators
  • Industrial equipment
  • Cranes
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Failure causation analysis
  • New build
  • Structural repairs and improvements

Structural engineering includes the design and analysis of the physical components in buildings, bridges and other structures that are required to maintain serviceability, support, stability, and above all, life safety.   Our experience provides a wide range of both contemporary and historic structures including residential and commercial buildings, bridges, machine supports, elevators systems, cranes, industrial and manufacturing equipment and retaining walls.

Damage to and failure of structural elements require careful investigation and analysis to determine causation.  Following failure causation, we provide remedial design requirements to introduce the structure back into service.

Roof collapse.
Historic buildings.
Damage repair.