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Mark Cannon, PE, CFEI

Mark has over 35 years’ experience in industry and engineering with over 17 years in forensics. He is registered in multiple states.

Specialties: Safety Engineering, Workplace Accidents, Fall Protection, Industrial Equipment, Construction, Equipment, Machine Guarding, Machine Failures, Consumer Products

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Todd Springer, PE

Todd’s forensic investigations include mechanical equipment and materials, building systems, construction, components, and maintenance, as well as human factors.

Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Consumer Product Design/Defects, Fire Causation, Building envelope installation/performance, Building code and ADA compliance, Human Factors, Hail/Storm Damage

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Joe Zbick, PE

Joe has over 17 years’ experience in structural design and evaluation. He is licensed in multiple states.

Specialties: Structural Engineering, New and Existing Building projects, Masonry, Timber, Concrete, Steel Construction, Building Codes/ Historic and Current, Structural Design

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Kevin Hollander, Ph.D.

Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Failure Analysis, Mechanisms and Machines, Accident Reconstruction, Tire Failures, Modeling of Biological and Mechanical Systems

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R. Patrick Donahue, PE, CFEI, CVFI

Patrick has 15 years’ experience in design manufacturing and testing at General Motors. He has over 10 years’ forensic experience.

Specialties: Electrical Engineering/Automotive, Electrical Failure Analysis, Vehicle Fire Causation, Vehicle Diagnostics, Vehicle Control Systems and Brake Analysis, Airbag Systems, CDR Data

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Jeremy Bethancourt, CHST

Jeremy has over 30 years’ experience in the construction business with emphasis on safety and training.

Specialties: Worksite Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Safety
Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Response Plans, Safety Programs/Training
OSHA Compliance, CHST Credential

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Dave Komm

David Komm, P.E., PEng, CFEI

Dave is the President of AKE, Inc. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and over 30 years’ experience, the last 15 in forensics. Dave is registered in multiple states and Alberta, Canada.

Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Electromechanical Failure Analysis, Fires, Explosions, and Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Product Liability/Design Defect

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Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D.

Dr. Hinrichs is a Professor Emeritus, Kinesiology at Arizona State University. He has over 20 years’ forensics experience.

Specialties: Biomechanics/Human Factors, Accident Reconstruction, Upper Extremity Function and Trauma, Body Segment Interactions, Human Factors/Ergonomics, Human Movement, Biomechanics of Locomotion

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Kerry Knapp, Ph.D.

Dr. Knapp integrates the laws of physics and engineering principles to examination of biomechanics and human injury.

Specialties: Biomechanics and Anatomy, Anatomical Injury, Human Tissue Injury, High and Low Energy Injury Analysis, Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation, Sports and Firearm Injury Analysis, Industrial Injuries

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W. Brandon Martin Ph.D.

Specialties: Electromechanical Failure Analysis, Robotics & Controls, Computer Aided Design & Analysis, Additive Manufacturing

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Paul Bakalis, AIA, NCARB, CSBA

Specialties: Architecture, Trip Fall/Slip Fall, Building & Site, Engineering & Construction, Human factors, Safety & Risk Mitigation

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Justin Saint-Amour, PE, CFEI

Specialties: Engineering Consultant, Accident Reconstruction, CDR Vehicle Imaging, Fire & Explosion Investigation, Fire & Explosion Computer Modeling and Analysis, Research

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Kevin Deutscher

Specialties: Hydraulics & Mech. Design, Heavy Equipment & Controls, Hydraulic Systems Design, Control Systems, Mechanism Design & Analysis

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Francisco Klein

Francisco Klein, P.E., PTOE-TBCB

Specialties: Roadway Design, Traffic Engineering, Signage/Marking, Traffic Safety, Roadway Maintenance, Parking Design

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Marilou Erb

Marilou Erb

Specialties: Forensic Psychology, Behavioral Profiling, Eyewitness Reliability, Mock Jury, General Psychology, Legal Procedures

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Bill Powers

William Powers

Bill has over 35 years of experience in crane and equipment inspections.

Specialties: Crane and Heavy Equipment Operations, Crane Rigging and Operations, Safety and Operator Training, Heavy Equipment Inspections

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 Rayra Rodrigues Lima

Rayra has over 9 years of experience in drafting design for engineering and architecture, preparing detailed sheets sets for construction and permit submission. Also, she has experience in translating and interpreting from Portuguese and Spanish to English.

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Darren Kinney

Specialties: Forensic Technician, Artifact Examinations and Dis-assembly, Exemplar Procurement, Model Construction, CAD Drawing

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Mike Craghead

Specialties: Engineering Technician, Research, History of Design, Similar Manufacturers and Products, Recalls and Investigations, Electro-Mechanical Systems, Instrumentation, & Testing

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Joni Kalember

Joni runs the office, organizing and scheduling meetings and appointments and keeping the company calendar.  Joni knows where we are all supposed to be.

Specialties: Office Manager; Organize and schedule meetings and appointments; manage Company calendar; AKE’s custodian of records; create & maintain materials received for new and on-going jobs; perform general and everyday administration duties.  

Tammy Bell

Tammy is our point of contact for all matters financial, and can answer any questions regarding invoices and storage.

Specialties: Invoicing, receivables, accounting, accounts payable, evidence storage.