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Case Study

Chocolate Factory Leak

(Completed: 2010)   Abstract  In an investigation involving a loss at a chocolate manufacturing facility, wherein a leak occurred in a section of process piping that allowed water to contaminate the chocolate, Augspurger Komm Engineering (AKE) expert, Mark Cannon conducted inspections at the facility and of the pipe section where the leak occurred.   Overview  Subject Unit Summary  The subject pipe section…

Fire Riser Corrosion: Accountability, Responsibility and Inevitable Consequences

By: Todd Springer, PE The gradual deterioration of materials can result in costly damage and is an ongoing and everlasting concern with water-conveying systems, including fire sprinklers. Sprinkler systems have become more and more commonplace over the past several decades, to the point where they are prevalent throughout the built environment. The safety of building occupants in the event of…
Case Study

Michigan Propane Explosion

(Completed: 2009)  Abstract:  In one notable case involving a propane gas-fueled residential explosion, which resulted in a 500-foot diameter debris field, an in-depth investigation was conducted to determine the exact cause and conditions that resulted in the complete structure demolition. This case study delves into the forensic investigation of the catastrophic gas explosion that occurred in Michigan in 2005.   The…

Consumer Product Battery Fires: Understanding Risks and Minimizing Damage 

In recent years, the surge in consumer product battery fires has raised significant concerns about safety, property damage, and even loss of life. Devices like e-bikes, hoverboards, drill packs, and e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, but their reliance on lithium-ion batteries has introduced new risks. From the perfect storm of elevated temperatures and a lack of regulation on substandard batteries,…
September 22, 2023
Press Release

Cutting-Edge  Vehicle Forensic Technology That Reveals Collision Data

Technology-driven firm enhances offerings with Berla investigation tool only available to law enforcement  agencies, military, and select private industry organizations    June 28, 2023 – PHOENIX, Ariz. – Augspurger Komm Engineering Inc., an established engineering firm specializing in failure analysis, product evaluations, construction practices/workmanship, and expert witness testimony, continues to maintain top-tier technology with their most recent addition of Berla vehicle forensics…