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Consumer Product Battery Fires: Understanding Risks and Minimizing Damage 

In recent years, the surge in consumer product battery fires has raised significant concerns about safety, property damage, and even loss of life. Devices like e-bikes, hoverboards, drill packs, and e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, but their reliance on lithium-ion batteries has introduced new risks. From the perfect storm of elevated temperatures and a lack of regulation on substandard batteries,…
September 22, 2023
Press Release

Cutting-Edge  Vehicle Forensic Technology That Reveals Collision Data

Technology-driven firm enhances offerings with Berla investigation tool only available to law enforcement  agencies, military, and select private industry organizations    June 28, 2023 – PHOENIX, Ariz. – Augspurger Komm Engineering Inc., an established engineering firm specializing in failure analysis, product evaluations, construction practices/workmanship, and expert witness testimony, continues to maintain top-tier technology with their most recent addition of Berla vehicle forensics…