Fires, Explosions and Gas Exposure

We investigate commercial and residential structural fires, vehicular fires, vapor cloud ignitions and other combustion events working independently or with your Origin and Cause Expert.  Our work is consistent with the principles and procedures presented in NFPA 921 to develop, test and refine the cause hypothesis.  We conduct dig out and evidence collections as well as lab exams, including optical and scanning electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, elemental analysis and x-ray examination.

Our advanced analysis techniques include 3-D flow modeling of fuel gasses such as propane and natural gas dispersion from leak points.  Carbon Monoxide dispersion can also be modeled.

Our facility and testing equipment allows for full scale testing and demonstrations.  We have used our space to recreate events ranging from fuel tank leak ignition to a full-scale chimney fire ignition recreation.

Gas Line Leak Caused by Contact with 120V Live Wire.
Office Fire.
Oven Fire.
Power Cord Arcing.